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House O Six


The O houses are a series of projects realized in 2010 in collaboration with the architect Rodolfo Gomez, which research, in different ways, the concepts of floating volume and introspection towards an inside courtyard.

The O Six house is built around a lateral courtyard, which turns into a double-height space on the inside with a staircase that gives access to the three bedrooms upstairs. The ground floor houses the studio, the living and dining room, the kitchen and a laundry/service area. The house overlooks the courtyard in an introverted way with a closed facade to the main street and a floating volume on the second floor, which lies on a timber wall that bounds the inside and the outside.



Project: 2010

Construction: 2010-2011

Location: Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

Architecture: EMA (Alessandra Cireddu – Carlos M. Hernández) + Rodolfo Gómez Robledo

Construction: Rodolfo Gómez Robledo