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Las Jacarandas

“Árbol, siempre en medio de todo lo que te rodea,
árbol que saborea la bóveda entera del cielo.”


The project area is very close to the historic centre of Zapopan, in a neighbourhood of low-density single-family housing, where gardens and trees are protagonists.

The project idea was born during the first visit to the site; the three “jacaranda” trees in the front line gave us the first design premises. The project area, 15 meters wide by 40 meters deep, lies between two dividing walls; the project plays with full and empty spaces, creating 3 patios and 2 built volumes along the parcel. These two volumes are out of phase in height in order to create a basement for parking and to generate half levels, which break the direct visual relationship between departments. The central void contains a garden with trees and vertical circulation, thus creating a tension between the two volumes connected on the top floor through a wooden box. Each volume contains 2 apartments of 100 square meters each. Upstairs, where the two main volumes are linked through the wooden box, there is a one and a half height penthouse overlooking the 3 gaps of the project.






Project: 2012

Construction -

Location: Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

Architecture: EMA (Alessandra Cireddu – Carlos M. Hernández)